The Rescue Service Svenska English

The Rescue Service Regulations
Adopted 2002, Updated 2005

§1. Objective
The Rescue Service [TRS] is an animal rights organisation which creates and supports civil disobedience and non-violent animal rights actions in the tradition of The Rescue Service.
slogan of TRS is "animal rights, non-violence, civil disobedience".

By "civil disobedience" and "the tradition of The Rescue Service" we refer to the action being carried out with a political intention of animal rights origin; that the activists consciously have broken law or order; that the action was carried out using non-violence, including no threat of violence; that the activists are forthcoming with their identities.

Any group of people who have carried out civil disobedience, non-violent actions for the animals in the tradition of TRS may refer to themselves as part of The Rescue Service and may also apply for funding from TRS.

TRS will attempt to avoid commenting on different methods publicly, rather to focus on our own actions and the reasons they have been carried out. On direct questions regarding different methods, though, we distance ourselves from using violence against sentient beings as an action procedure.

§4. Elected Representatives of TRS (elected during our annual meetings)
TRS has five elected representatives, which include: administrator, spokesperson, financial and materials representatives, election committee. An annual report shall be prepared for each post ahead of the annual meeting.

§4a. Administrator:
The administrator has overall responsibility for the administration of TRS and is responsible for: receiving letters and emails, including replying to same; the production and distribution of mail-outs to members; keeping the mailing list up and running.

§4b. Spokesperson/people:
Historically each action group has elected one or several media contacts / contact persons, who have appeared in the media and publicly regarding that specific action. We assume that this practice will continue even in the future. The nominated spokesperson for TRS represents TRS at times when media and the public show an interest while no action has been carried out (or if no one from an action group can or will participate in public appearances).

§4c. Financial:
The financial representative is responsible for the finances of TRS; decides the amount of funding available to groups (based for example on the total amount of funding available); makes sure the funding reach the groups; oversees accounts etc. The financial representative will report how much money/material RTS controls and how the money/material have been allocated throughout the year (such reporting is necessary in order that the members will be able to decide on new representatives for the financial post).

§4d. Materials:
The materials representative is responsible for storing and distributing the material properties of TRS (tools etc.) to groups who wish to borrow them. The materials representative will present an inventory at each annual meeting.

§4e Voting coordinator:
Decisions regarding this post’s description and title have not yet been made.

§4f. Election Committee:
Responsible for the annual meeting and the suggestion of new candidates to posts as elected representatives.

§5. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting is the highest deciding authority of TRS (decisions made during the annual meeting overrules other decisions). The annual meeting is held between the first of January and the last day of March. The Election Committee is responsible for arranging and calling people to the annual meeting. If the election committee has not called a meeting by February 1st any member may do so. All of RTS’s members have the right to vote at the annual meeting.

§6. Mail-outs
Mail-outs to the members of TRS shall be done at least 3 times per year, but preferably more frequently.

§7. Membership
Persons who pay the annual fee (decided at the annual meeting, current suggestion 160SEK) and who have carried out an action under TRS name and tradition may become members of TRS.

§8. Decisions
All decisions regarding TRS’s administration and structure will be based on a simple majority vote.
In between annual meetings decisions regarding all of TRS will be decided using our internal e-mail list. Any member who wishes to may post a new suggestion on the list. The members will then have a week to vote. Decisions will be made based on a simple majority rule.
One person, elected at the annual meeting, will see to it that the information will reach members who lack access to the internet. Anyone who requires the information over the phone should report to this elected representative.

Åsa-Maja Augustsson The Rescue Service
c/o Westerberg
Språkgränd 41 3tr, SE-907 33 UMEÅ
Pg: 112 98 26-2 (account for donations)

Contact: Åsa-Maja Augustsson
Phone: +46(0)709-695378


Oct 21, 2007
20 hens rescued
Nov 27, 2006
12 hens rescued
May 2, 2004
120 hens rescued
April 5, 2004
39 hens rescued
April 27, 2003
Hatchery disarmed
April 14, 2003
102 hens rescued
October 11, 2002
0 hens rescued
August 12, 2002
17 hens rescued
June 2, 2002
38 hens rescued
April 14, 2002
12 hens rescued
March 27, 2002
16 hens rescued
March 17, 2002
21 rabbits rescued
Aug. 5, 2001
Abattoir disarmed
Feb. 21, 2001
6 hens rescued
Dec. 14, 2000
3 hens rescued
Maj 7, 2000
36 hens rescued
Feb. 15, 2000
5 hens rescued
Oct. 28, 1999
24 hens rescued